Entertainers – Bath/Bristol

Willow Fairy

  ‘I live in the trunk of a beautiful willow tree by the banks of a babbling brook’ says Willow Fairy. ‘The door to my house is hidden at the bottom of the tree trunk but when I blow fairy dust on it the door appears. Inside there is a spiral staircase carved out of the wood of the tree. It is very intricate with flowers, stars and swirls in the design. I have a friend called Woodchip the Pyksy and he carved it for me.’

Willow Fairy’s special job in Fairyland is teaching the other fairies how to ride on the backs of butterflies, moths and birds. ‘Bumble bees are very tricky to ride’ says Willow Fairy ‘and Woodchip is a bit naughty because he likes to chase them’. Oh dear! Woodchip be careful!!