Best Party Venues

Children’s Parties In A Hired Venue

  • The best party venues are those with good acoustics, usually wooden or stone church halls, school rooms or community centers.  Parties can be very difficult in sports halls where the building materials create too much echo.
  • All we need is a power point for our music player, a chair each for the Fairy and Pixie and enough space for all the children to stand holding hands in a BIG circle.
  • If you are going to be heating sausage rolls and pizza or using the kitchen for any other preparation it’s best to pop down a week or so before the party and make sure the venue has everything you need.
  • Occasionally we are asked to host a party in a park. These are lovely venues but it is important to make sure there is a Marquee or large shady tree available to stop wee ones from getting sunburnt. We also request an indoor venue is also organised in case of rain. Our entertainers will decide at 10am that morning if the party will be inside or if the rain plan needs to be adhered to!

Here are some of the best venues we have used over the years: